Five Irritating Things Nearly Every Husband Does All The Time

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Husbands; they’re an absolute gem – except when they are not. They’re loving and wonderful and kind and helpful and they help make beautiful babies. They’re also loud, sometimes they smell questionable, they can’t find anything, and they never hang your clothes in the correct closet space when they do laundry. Oh, he loves you. He adores every fiber of your being and he never finds your constant reminders nagging or irritating. He thinks you are perfection, epitomized. Men are lovely and darling, but they’re irritating and annoying at times, and they do things that make you wonder if they’ve heard a word that’s come out of your mouth in the past 14 years (is that just me? That might just be me.). We spend far too much time focusing on the less than desirable traits of our husbands, and we should spend more time thinking of them in a positive light. However, sometimes it’s nice to see that other women deal with the same exasperating behaviors from the men of their (kinds of) dreams. Here are five of the most annoying things husbands do.

He Snores and Denies It

My husband does not snore, per say, but he breathes very loudly when he’s comfortable and asleep, and then he tells me he does not. This does not happen in his mind. It is not a thing. I am making this up. I am not; he does. But he will not admit to this and find a way to stop.

He Gets Water on the  Mirror when he Washes His Hands

Does your husband do this? When mine washes his hands in the bathroom, he shakes them violently all over the mirror and then dries them off. It makes me absolutely crazy and insane. Yet he will not stop.

He Uses the Last of Something and Forgets to put it on the List

K-Cups, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, cat food….the list goes on. I then go to use said item the following day, later on, or whenever and I’m the one that realizes we are out. And this usually happens about five minutes after I get home from the grocery store. With my 11-month-old twins and an hour worth of nosy, prodding strangers to deal with.

He Can’t Drive

Men are such sightseers and they think that because they are men they are automatically superior drivers. It’s not the case, and it’s actually quite comical. Some men are probably better drivers than some women, but not as a whole.

He Hears You but he Doesn’t Hear You

I can tell my husband something, carry on a conversation, he can nod, reply, respond and carry on a conversation with me for hours. And then he forgets completely about it in a matter of 10 seconds. It’s amazing, really, that talent.

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