Five Attainable and Realistic Marriage Goals Couples Should Make


Marriage is a partnership that also includes romance and love. It’s not something you should regard as a contract, but it is a contract. It’s a contract between two people to live together, love together and be together until death parts you. And that means something, even in a world in which many people review the marriage contract as one that can be broken easily if need be. The number of people who wed without looking at their marriage as something they need to stick out when times get tough is discouraging, and it’s sad. If you, together, sit down to make a list of reasonable and attainable goals for your marriage, you can actually help it survive. You’ll find that you’re running to one another instead of away from one another when times are tough, and that makes a big difference. That said, here are a few of our favorite marriage goals you can make that are very simple, easy to adhere to and realistic.

Keep the Fights Clean

You’re people, so you’re going to fight. The good news is that while all couples fight, not all couples let it tear them apart. As long as you keep the fights clean and refrain from using the “D” word and/or calling names, you will find that it’s easier to…

…Let it Go

You have to accept apologies and move on. You cannot hold onto a grudge forever. When your spouse is wrong and says sorry, accept that as sincere and let it go. Stop thinking about it, and do not bring it up again for the rest of your marriage anytime you argue. This is something that will help you learn to…

…Accept Responsibility

When you are wrong, accept responsibility. It’s the only way to go. Don’t place the blame, don’t pretend you are right even when you are not. Accept your faults and be accountable for your actions. You might be surprised just how easy it is to accept your responsibilities. But don’t be surprised if you have to…

…Talk about It

If something is bothering you, talk about it. Don’t hold onto it. Don’t let it go. Say it out loud before it festers inside of you and manifests itself into something far worse down the line. Once you are finished talking about it, move on and…

…Say I Love You

Never end a conversation without saying I love you to your spouse. Never go to bed without saying it. Never hang up the phone without saying it. Never let a day go by you don’t utter this phrase. It’s the most important sentence you will ever speak.

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