10 First Date Ideas That Are an Absolute Miss


Scoring a date with someone you admire feels terrific. It’s like you’ve just won a small, personal lottery! Yet, amidst the excitement, there’s a cloud of uncertainty looming over what should be a fantastic time. You’ll likely receive a ton of advice from your friends, ranging from the overly confident “Just be yourself” to the wildly adventurous “Go skydiving!” With so many suggestions, figuring out the best approach can be tough. But which do you follow? Whatever you do, here are ten places you shouldn’t go to

Fast Food Chains


Grabbing a quick bite at a McDonald’s or any fast spot sends the wrong message, suggesting a lack of effort and thoughtfulness. Humans often appreciate curated experiences over convenience, which means choosing a more fitting venue. Fast food environments are typically noisy and crowded and not conducive to meaningful conversations, making it hard to establish a genuine connection. Additionally, the quick turnaround time at these places can make the date feel rushed and impersonal.

Your Parents’ House


Alright, they’re the love of your dreams, but come on! Inviting someone to meet your parents right off the bat might make them uncomfortable, putting unnecessary pressure on both parties to make a good impression. This early introduction can create awkwardness and anxiety, detracting from the natural flow of getting to know each other. The setting lacks privacy, preventing open and honest conversations about your interests and values. A first date should focus on mutual discovery and enjoyment without the complications of family dynamics.



The drinking, the loud music, and the crowd are just not the right atmosphere to make a lasting impression, except you’re a pimp. Taking them to a nightclub can overwhelm them with loud music and crowded spaces, making it challenging to have a meaningful conversation. The high-energy environment can lead to distractions, preventing you from truly connecting. A quieter venue will facilitate better interaction, allowing you to learn more about each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Movies


Contrary to teenage opinion, a movie theater is not ideal for a first date. It would be great for subsequent ones when you’ve gotten to know each other better — and even talked about the kinds of movies you enjoy. Movies on the first day limit your ability to converse and connect, as sitting in silence for two hours doesn’t foster communication. They might feel like you’re not interested in getting to know them personally, as the focus remains on the screen rather than on each other.

Your Favorite Bar

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While everyone gives you an acknowledging nod, making you wave and smile,  they would sit there like a fish out of water. Being in a bar you love might make your date feel out of place, especially if they don’t share your familiarity or enthusiasm for the atmosphere. The focus on drinking creates an uncomfortable environment if they’re not a fan of alcohol or bar culture. And while your date might not mention it, they would probably be wondering how often you go there and how much of an alcoholic you are.

The Gym


Even if you’re dying to show off your pump and glutes, taking your love interest to the gym on a first date may seem convenient, and doing so can make the date feel impersonal and make you come across as thoughtless. This environment can be intimidating and uncomfortable, especially if they’re not into fitness or unfamiliar with the equipment and routines. The focus on physical activity can detract from the opportunity to connect on an emotional level and might cause self-consciousness.

A Work-Related Event


The only exception to this rule is if your date is a colleague. If not, bringing them to a work-related event can create unnecessary stress and pressure, making them feel more like a colleague than a potential romantic interest. They might feel out of place among your colleagues and be bound to being conscious of how to behave in a bid not to embarrass you at work. The professional atmosphere doesn’t lend itself to the casual and personal interaction necessary for a first date, limiting the chances to share personal stories and interests.

A Political Rally

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Love is neither democratic nor republican. Political discussions can quickly become heated, leading to potential disagreements and discomfort, which are unsuitable for a budding relationship. Attending a political rally on a first date can be polarizing and intense, potentially causing more tension than connection. The high-energy and often confrontational atmosphere isn’t conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable date, making it difficult to bond over shared experiences.

A Long Road Trip

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First dates should be dates, not life sentences. Planning a long road trip for a first date can be overwhelming and risky, as spending extended time together in a confined space can lead to awkwardness and discomfort. The lack of breaks or changes in scenery might make the experience monotonous, and being stuck together for hours leaves little room for personal space if things don’t go as planned. Unforeseen circumstances like traffic or getting lost can add stress to the date.

Group Hangout


Inviting your love interest to a group hangout with your friends can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if they don’t know anyone else in the group. They might feel outnumbered and struggle to connect with you amidst the group dynamics, which can hinder personal interaction. It’s challenging to have a one-on-one conversation in a group setting and understand inside jokes,  as the focus tends to shift between multiple people. Not to mention feeling pressured to impress your friends rather than focus on getting to know you.


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