Advice for Engaged Couples to Remember

It seems that the holiday season is the time of year when many couples becoming engaged. It’s the perfect time of year to propose, with the happiness and sense of family and faith in the air. However, what people tend to forget after becoming engaged is to focus on their marriage more than their wedding. Oftentimes, wedding plans take over and focus on being engaged and being married take a back seat. Here are three pieces of advice for engaged couples to always remember.

Focus on Your Marriage

It’s completely normal to want a perfect wedding day. However, it’s not normal to sacrifice your relationships with your loved ones in pursuit of the perfect wedding day. It’s one day. Don’t let it ruin your marriage because you spent more time focusing on how perfect this ONE day needs to be. Instead, plan your perfect wedding, let go of imperfections and focus on planning your future rather than one day. You may not think so now, but your wedding day will only be the best day of your life for so long until an even better day comes along (think the birth of your children and other such moments).

Don’t Let the Wedding Ruin You Financially

Whether you are paying for your wedding or your parents are paying for it, remember that it’s one day. Sit down with your new fiancé and discuss what financial goals are most important to you. Is wearing a designer wedding gown more important than a down payment on a house so that you can start a family in the next year? Is a price tag of $300 per person and 500 people on your guest list what you really want or would you prefer to leave your job and spend the first few years of your future children’s lives at home with them without sacrificing your lifestyle?

Remember What’s Important

Sure, your pictures are something you’ll have forever and you want those flowers to be flawless, but at the end of the day what’s important is that you have become the wife of the man you love, respect and want to spend your life with. Don’t let little mishaps, unrealized dreams and the reality that sometimes you can’t always have what you want on your wedding day bring you down; just remember what you get to take with you at the end of your wedding day and focus on that.

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