5 Tips to Clear Your Mind After Getting into a Fight


Whether you argue with someone you love or someone you don’t even know but who really wanted to pick a fight with you because their day isn’t going as they planned, getting into a fight is not fun. It’s part of life, because we all have attitude issues at times and we all say things we don’t mean in moods we want to be rid of in moments we wish we could relive in a better manner. We’re not perfect, and that’s quite obvious on most occasions. But getting into a fight, especially with someone you love, can be quite difficult. It can affect your entire day negatively and make you feel down and out, and that’s not something you have time for. You have to clear your mind and go about your day rather than focusing on your fight and making it a priority in your life. We’re not saying you should ignore it, but we are saying you should put it to the side until a more appropriate time to deal with this comes up.

Go for a Walk

A fight means you need to cool off. It happens to all of us, and one of the best ways to calm down and cool off is by taking a quick walk. It can be around the yard, the office or to the coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up. It’s going to make you feel a lot better, no matter how short.

Find Some Sunshine

If you can get outside for a few minutes, you’re going to find that you can clear your mind a lot easier. There is something about the sun that releases healthy, good endorphins into your body that can make you feel a lot better. Do this and you will be able to focus on feeling good.

Do Some Quick Stretches

Your stretches will help you clear your mind, relax your breathing and feel better. You can do a few simple yoga poses to help you clear your mind and feel better in just a few moments. It’s very helpful, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Make a To-Do List

Focusing on what you have to do is a good way to get your mind off your fight and back to work. It’s a way to help you get in touch with what’s a priority that day so that you don’t lose focus and end up wasting the day and putting yourself into an even worse mood.

Get Organized

Being an organized person is a good way to clear your mind. Take a few minutes to clean off your desk, straighten up and organize something that needs it. This is giving you something to do while you calm down and it’s also doing something productive in your life. It’s a win-win in our book.

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