15 Things Women Only Do with Men They Trust


Trust is the base for any meaningful relationship. Intimacy, vulnerability, and connection are best built on it. When a woman fully trusts a man, it manifests in various aspects of their interactions. While things women do may vary based on several factors, there are some you can hold on to as proof, and here, we’ll discuss 15 of them.

Tell Vulnerabilities


When a woman trusts a man, she feels safe enough to reveal her innermost fears and insecurities. She can trust him enough to let him know these things, which can be used against her.

Introduce Him to Family


This step, where she allows the man to meet with those in her life, signifies that she sees a future with him and trusts him to interact with her closest relatives. Doing this shows a higher level of commitment in their relationship.

Share Personal Space


Feeling comfortable sharing personal space may play out in different ways, such as lounging around in pajamas or sharing a bed without any pressure for physical intimacy. It demonstrates a high level of comfort in their bond.

Spill Financial Details


Financial matters can be sensitive, so a woman won’t be quick to share details like debts, savings, and financial goals with just anyone. When she does, it indicates trust and transparency in the relationship.

Discuss Future Plans


Telling him of her ambitions and including him in her plans shows she values his presence. It means that she trusts him so much that she can envision a future together.

Talk About Health Concerns

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If a woman gives details on her health issues, including mental health struggles, to a man, it signals trust in his support and understanding. These topics can be sensitive and require a non-judgmental listener to provide comfort and reassurance.

Be Herself Completely


A woman does not enjoy the freedom to be authentic with no fear of judgment around everyone. If she feels this freedom, it shows that she feels accepted and valued for who she truly is.

Confide in Him


Will you share secrets with someone you don’t trust? No! Sharing confidential information and expecting it to be kept private demonstrates her trust in his discretion and ability to be a trustworthy confidant.

Seek His Advice


One way to know if a woman trusts and values your opinion is when she seeks your advice on important decisions. Beyond believing in your judgment and appreciating your input, she trusts you enough to tell you what’s bothering her.

Show Physical Affection


Displaying affection by holding hands, hugging, or cuddling doesn’t mean a woman is throwing herself at you. It means she is comfortable and trusts you enough to get physically closer to you. 

Spend Time Alone with Him

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Enjoying each other’s company without the need for a larger social group indicates a level of trust and intimacy. The woman believes you’ll not harm her and wants you to experience being with her in a way others can’t.

Reveal Passwords


Giving another person access to their digital world, like social media accounts or phone passcodes, is not simple. Such access is granted only when the relationship has trust and openness.

Talk About Dreams and Aspirations


Opening up about personal dreams and aspirations is another sign of trust. It means she trusts the man to support her innermost desires and goals with him and not try to truncate them.

Accept His Flaws

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When a woman acknowledges a man’s imperfections and loves him despite them, it signals the presence of trust. She trusts him enough to let him be a part of her life and work on the flaws together.

Plan Travel Together


Planning and going on trips together requires trust. When a woman invites a man on one or agrees to go with him, there’s a height of comfort in the relationship that can allow her to spend extended periods in his company.


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