10 Things You Should Never Have to Ask the Man Who Loves You


There is something so amazing about being in love with someone when it is right. If you’re not in love or if you’re not sure you are in love, let me give you a blindingly obvious piece of advice that most people don’t realize until they are really with the person they are meant to be with; when it’s real, you will have no doubts. Even though I’m sure my love life is not high on your list of priorities, I’ll tell you a little about it. My husband and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary next week. We’ve been together 14 years this year (he’s 32 and I’m 31). We met when I was a senior in high school and he was a college freshman after being set up on a blind date. When I went home from that date, I told my girlfriends that I was going to marry that man. And that was big for me, since I was that girl who never made it past three or four dates before I was completely bored with a guy and ready to move on thanks to their vast boringness and their lack of maturity.

When I met my now-husband, though, I knew with certainty. And unlike so many of my girlfriends who would sit around and wait for a guy to call, or wonder how he felt, or wonder what he was doing when they were not together, I never once felt those things. He always called. He always told me how he felt and he never made me wonder what he was doing when we were not together. In fact, we were almost always together and we still to this day are, and it’s because we have more fun together than with anyone else. When he loves you, you will know it and you will never question it. There will never be another moment of worry or uncertainty in your life. If you’re feeling that, you are not with the love of your life – trust me. If he really loves you and you really love him, you will never have to ask him these 10 questions (and believe me when I say that it’s a bit tiring hearing women ask these questions).

Do you Love Me?

Ladies, a man that loves you will say it every single day, as often as possible and as much as he can. He will never leave you feeling unloved or insecure about where you stand in his affections. A man that really loves you will never need to be asked if loves you, because he will never let you forget.

Do you Think we will get Married?

It’s a fair question, but not one you should ever have to ask the man who loves you. If he loves you, he will make it clear that he has every intention of marrying you. Even men who say they will never get married will do it when they really, really fall in love (George Clooney, anyone?).

What are We?

If he really cares for you, he’s going to make it obvious what you are. He’s going to refer to you as his girlfriend or he’s straight up going to ask you to marry him. He’s not going to date you and be in a relationship with you for months or years and not give you a title or leave you wondering.

How do you Feel about Me?

Again, you should never have to ask this question to a man who loves you. If you have to ask this question, he’s not doing a good job of showing you how he feels. And if he’s not showing you how he feels, that probably speaks a lot louder than his words anyway.

Do you think I’m Beautiful?

A man truly in love is never going to allow you to wonder for one second if you are beautiful. He will tell you with his words, he will tell you with his eyes and he will tell you with his touch. When he loves you, he thinks you’re beautiful and he’s going to make sure you know all the time.

Why didn’t You Call me Back Last Night?

Behind this question is a sense of insecurity so blindly obvious; you didn’t call me back and I’m wondering not why you didn’t call back, but what you might have been doing that prevented you from calling me back. A man who loves you is never not going to want to speak with you.

Where were You?

Again, I’ve never felt the need to ask my husband this, and it’s because he loves me and I’m certain of it. he is very generous with his whereabouts, which is work when he’s not home with us. As we said a long time ago, being with our family is where we want to be, and that’s where he always is.

Am I The One?

If you have to ask, you probably are not the one for him. If you are the one for him, he’s going to make sure you are well aware of it and he’s going to show you every single day. If you are not the one, he’s going to probably tell you that you are, but the fact that you have to ask speaks a much more truthful answer.

Do you see a Future with Me?

When a man loves a woman (you just sang that line, didn’t you?) he talks about his future with her. He never hesitates to discuss the future. For example, a casual conversation might go, “When we retire, we should really buy a beach house and a mountain house,” when he loves you and sees a future with you. You won’t have to ask if he sees one, because he tells you. If conversations go more like, “When I retire, I’m totally buying a beach house and a place in the mountains,” and there will be no mention of you.

Do you Mean That?

A man who loves you means it and will never give you a reason to doubt that as the absolute truth. Enough said.

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