Relationship Advice That Really Matters

It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, dating, or whatever, relationship advice is something people are never afraid to dish. Whether you say it or you’ve heard it, it’s all different, all the time. Some of the best relationship advice, however, is stuff you probably already know, but forget to incorporate into your daily life. A few real women offered experts a few tidbits of information regarding the best relationship advice they’ve ever heard, and here it is.

Be Independent

If you’re independent before you are a couple, you’ll have a much better relationship. Needy is not good; have your own life and maintain that life even after you’ve become a couple.

Ignore Your Ex

You may be insecure because of something some other guy did to you, but your current guy is not that guy. Don’t get all crazy on him because your ex wasn’t a great guy; it’s not his fault and he should not be punished for someone else’s past mistakes.


Always trust your man. The only time you shouldn’t trust him is if he gives you a reason not to. Don’t go into your relationship waiting for him to give you a reason not to trust you, just trust him.

The Little Things

In the grand scheme of life, it’s the little things that count. Stop judging him on the big things; the vacations, the jewelry, the gifts, and start judging him on the little things. It’s easy to send flowers, and it doesn’t take much imagination (though it is nice, and honey – never stop). However, it takes a lot of thought and real meaning for a guy to leave you a love note in the morning, or to pick up your favorite cookies on the way home because you mentioned you had a tough day. The little things matter most.


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