Recognizing Manipulation Can Help You Avoid it in Life

If you have people in your life who make you feel like less of a person, you might be the victim of manipulation. If ever you walk away from a friend or relative second guessing things in your life, you might be the victim of manipulation. It’s not always easy to recognize manipulation when it happens to you, but it is easy to avoid it if you know what you are looking for. Take a stand and stop being other people’s victim.


Unlike in the movies when people blackmail others by telling them they will let their spouse know they cheated, or tell the teacher they skipped class or whatever, emotional blackmail is a little different. Using emotional blackmail, manipulators will call into question your emotions. For example, they will blackmail you into doing something by telling you that it will really prove your loyalty or your friendship. Don’t let that happen to you. Real friends don’t use your emotions to their advantage.

Being Not Quite Honest

Say that a person would really love you to help them clear the table. Instead of saying, “Hey, do you mind grabbing those plates and tossing them in the sink?” they will say something along the lines of, “Boy, it’s going to take me forever to clear this table,” with a big sigh. This is their way of manipulating you into offering to help so that they don’t have to ask. Don’t fall victim.


A genuine compliment is always a wonderful thing. When someone uses flattery to their advantage however, chances are good they will lay it on too thick. They’re trying to butter you up and make you feel like they worship you to the point that you will do exactly what they want because you think they admire you oh-so-much. Don’t let this form of manipulation happen.


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