Reasons You Have Trouble Concentrating

Everyone has days when they feel so scattered and discombobulated that they cannot function properly. You may be tempted to call your doctor and ask to be tested for ADHD, or you may wonder if you are suffering from some form of Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, the chances of either of those are relatively small and there is a good reason you might feel this way. There are plenty of things in life that cause you to feel a little out of sorts. Here are a few reasons you may have trouble concentrating as of late.


Studies show that the more exercise you get, the more alert and able to concentrate you are. The less exercise you get means you will be more likely to suffer from difficulty concentrating. If you feel a little lost these days, maybe it’s time you start getting some exercise.

Too Much Technology

Your smart phone, iPad, iPod, computer, television and other electronic devices are so much to focus on that you forget to focus on other things. You are constantly interrupting your own work to check your email or answer a text from your husband. Each time you stop what you’re doing for your technology, you lose your train of thought and make it more difficult for you to concentrate.


If you have a lot on your mind and a lot of stress in your life, you may be feeling it to a massive extent. Too much stress can make you feel tired, unable to concentrate, and not like your usual self. If you want to feel better and find your old self, you need to figure out how to rid yourself of some of the stress in your life. Take up exercise, which eliminates stress, put down your phone, and start making lists of things you need to do to make yourself feel less stressed.


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