Three Quick Things You Can Do To Feel Ready To Face The Day

Sometimes, it is hard to face the day when what you really want to do is hit the sack.  Maybe you have been working harder than usual or are behind on your sleep.  Whatever is dragging you down, there are some things you can do to help you feel like you are ready to face the day with gusto.

Get up and get dressed.  Nobody feels the ability to face the day when they are wearing their pjs and have morning breath.  Get a shower and put your makeup on.  For most women, applying their makeup makes them feel awake as much as anything else does.  Don’t slip back into some yoga pants unless you are actually going to do yoga.  Take time to choose clothing that is presentable.

Exercising is a great way to get going and be ready to face the day.  It wakes you up and makes you feel energized for the day ahead.  You will get more accomplished because you have this boundless energy from exercising.  Exercising can also help you face the day by getting you out of the house if you go to the gym or use your local neighborhood for scenery as you go for a walk or a run.

Get busy.  Nobody feels energetic if they don’t act energetic.  Pick up your house and restore everything to the order it needs to be in for the day ahead.  Throw some laundry in and clean up your kids breakfast dishes they left behind.  When you have all of your housework done, you will feel great knowing that you have the rest of the day to dig into a bigger project, meet some girlfriends for lunch or do whatever else you wish to do.

These three little steps will have you ready to face the day in no time.


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