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Perhaps you are out there just dating casually and you want to know way in the back of your mind what you should be looking for in a potential husband.  Maybe you are in a committed relationship and marriage is on the horizon for you and you need the extra reassurance he has what it takes to be a potential husband..  You might even be already married and just want to know how your husband is stacking up.  Whatever your status is, this is a great test to put your man up against to see if he passes.  If he doesn’t have every single quality on the list, it doesn’t mean you should throw him to the curb.  But the higher the number, the better for you.

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You know he loves you.

There is no doubt of his feelings for you.  If you are going to spend your life with someone, you need to know that he is completely in love with you.  You don’t want someone who just cares for you or enjoys the time you spend together.  Don’t settle for mediocre when it comes to love.  Only consider a potential husband that you know is absolutely crazy about you and you feel the same way in return.  A deep love will help glue a couple together through the good times and bad times they will go through in the life of their marriage.

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He has good work ethic.

No, you aren’t marrying him for money but you want to know that a potential husband has the drive to provide for a family.  A strong work ethic in a potential husband is a trait to be admired and respected.  Even if you are a modern woman who can provide for yourself, there may be times in your life when you can’t work for a a period of time due to some circumstance, such as childbirth.  A potential husband should have the work ethic needed to support you in a situation like maternity leave or if you decide to stay home with your children for a period of time.

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You are his first priority.

You want to be a potential husband’s first priority; not his job, not his buddies, not a hobby or anything else.  If there is anything that comes your spouse in a marriage, you have a problem that will cause tension and distance between the two of you.  How can you know this while dating a potential husband?  His actions will tell you much.  Does he put you off to go golfing or meet his buddies?  Has he ever broke plans with you for something else that you felt wasn’t important?  While  there may be time he has to put his job first, on the whole, there should be no question of who is his first priority.

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He is honest.

Honesty is very important in a potential husband.  Trust between a couple can put their marriage on very solid footing but dishonesty can make it crumble quickly.  Something else to remember is if he is dishonest about small things, he is more likely to be dishonest about bigger things.  For example, how does he act if he is given too much change back at a store?  Does he lie if he is put on the spot with a relative or his boss?  These are small situations but will reveal much to you about his honesty.

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He is kindhearted.

It is important to marry a kindhearted man.  You do not want to go through your life with a man that isn’t naturally kind to others.  Spending a lifetime with one person requires kindness to have happiness.  To know if your potential husband is kindhearted, carefully watch how he treats strangers, or children.  Is he good to his parents and his grandparents?  How does he react when he is stressed or under pressure?  All of those situations will reveal his true nature to you and allow you to know if he is kindhearted.

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He is unselfish.

The best marriages are made up of two givers.  Givers are people who are unselfish and think of their partner before themselves.  You want to look for a potential husband that is unselfish.  Unselfishness is a quality that goes across many different fronts  You want someone who is unselfish across the board; in the bedroom, in daily life and with the bank account.  Being married to someone who is not controlling with money makes life much more enjoyable.  An additional benefit to being married to an unselfish person is it encourages you to be unselfish as well.

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“Integrity” Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

He is a man of integrity.

A man of integrity will steal your heart for all the years to come.  Integrity is a character quality that will capture your heart because it reveals that he is a man that will do the right thing whether anyone will ever know he does or not.  You can observe this quality in a potential husband by the behavior he displays when no one is watching.  Does he tell the cashier if they return too much change to him?  Does he take matters of doing the right thing very seriously?  Those are signs that he is a true man of integrity.

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He appreciates you.

You want to find a potential husband that appreciates you for who you are.  You are valuable and you want to find a man that realizes your worth and will show his appreciation for you throughout your marriage.  Being married means that you have a very special and deep partnership with one individual.  You will do things for one another that no one else will and you should appreciate those gestures.  Observe a man as a potential husband when you are dating to see how appreciative he is of you and your qualities.

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He believes in commitment.

You want your marriage to last for the long haul.  This should be one of the non-negotiable traits you look for in a potential husband.  Marriage is too serious to enter into with someone who isn’t sure they can give you a lifetime commitment.  This should be relatively easy to detect in a potential husband.  Long talks about marriage should reveal this trait to you.  This is a subject you can talk over and ask a potential husband what their thoughts are on the subject.  You can also look at the current level of commitment and who initiated it between the two of you.

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He is responsible.

Being responsible is a trait that you want your potential husband to have.  Being responsible is a trait that carries over into many different facets of life.  It is important that a potential husband can be responsible in his job, in his finances, in his end of your relationship as well as being responsible in parenting.  You can observe him in your dating relationship to see if he is responsible in all of those areas of his life and observe what needs work and what can pass your test.  Responsibility is also a trait that can be refined over time.

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He is even-tempered.

An angry man is not one that you want to be married to.  If a potential husband has an anger problem when you are dating, you can believe that it will only get worse after you are married.  It can even lead to being an abusive husband if not dealt with in a proper way.  While we all get angry, you want to be married to a man that you never have to be fearful of his temper.  You want to trust that you will always be safe with him, even in the midst of a disagreement.  You can observe how he handles conflict while you are dating to get an idea of how he handles his anger.

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He has a sense of humor.

While you can definitely have a marriage without a sense of humor to keep things light-hearted, it certainly helps you to get through difficult moments easier.  Humor can make difficult situations seem less difficult to handle or go through.  It can help the two of you have a moment of bonding in the midst of a hard time.  It can also make for some very fun times for the two of you throughout the years and having fun can help the two of you stay in love.  You will know that you can always count on him for a laugh at the end of a long day.

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He is financially savvy.

Marrying a man that is good with finances will only benefit you in the present  and in the times to come.  While money is not everything, it can certainly make your life much less stressful.  In addition, many marriages break up over financial stress so being married to a man who is financially savvy is like an extra layer of protection against divorce.  Having financial security due to his financial skill will make your life better all the way around.  Looking for a potential husband with this quality is wise.

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He is good at saying he is sorry.

The best marriages are made up of two good forgivers and two people that will admit when they are wrong and give a heartfelt apology.  Although it may be hard to imagine in your dating and pre-marriage days but there will come and a time when you and your potential husband do not see eye to eye and arguments occur.  It is a part of every marriage.  It is best to be married to someone who can give you an apology when they are wrong and an argument occurs.  It is very hard to find conflict resolution if there one or both of you will not apologize.

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