Pumpkin Coloring Pages and Other Alternatives to Pumpkin Carving for Small Kids


Decorating pumpkins is messy business, especially when they are kids involved. As a parent, you want to get into the Halloween and fall spirit with your little ones, but the idea of using knives to clean out and carve pumpkins in such close proximity to your littles is enough to induce serious nerves. Additionally, most kids grow bored of this project before it really even gets started and you’re left with the decision to ditch the pumpkins half-carved to entertain the kids somewhere else or force them into the holiday spirit against their will. Did we mention pumpkins are messy – and a little gross to clean? If you’re looking to get into some pumpkin crafts with your small kids, we have a much better idea. Free pumpkin coloring pages are just one of many great ways to get into the Halloween spirit with the little ones; here are three great alternatives to carving pumpkins.

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Free downloadable pumpkin coloring pages are far less messy than carving actual pumpkins. Your kids still get to decorate pumpkins, but inside where the weather is nicer and you have nothing to clean up but the box of crayons they’ll inevitably dump all over the floor when they’re done coloring. Additionally, you still have the option of using stickers and glue and glitter if you really want to make a mess so that your kids can color pumpkins.

Pumpkin Art

If you just can’t stand the thought of not decorating a real pumpkin this Halloween, do yourself and your small kids a big favor and don’t carve them. Just let the kids draw on them with markers, use stickers to decorate the pumpkins and make their own ideas of art in the kitchen without any mess to clean up when you’re finished. Additionally, if they grow tired of this pumpkin art project before you’re finished, you’re not left with half-gutted pumpkins to worry about.

Pumpkin Painting

It’s messy, but not quite as gross as carving and cleaning out a pumpkin. Some art paint from the local craft store and some brushes are all you need. Set the kids up outside on some newspaper or tarp and let them get busy painting their pretty pumpkins. It’s just as creative, but not gross and it’s much more fun for kids. After all, your little ones can’t wield a knife to carve their pumpkins, so the job isn’t as much fun for them as it is for you.

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