Be Proud of Your Accomplishments to Improve a Bad Day

When nothing goes your way it’s important to remember that while it’s okay to be a little irritated and upset, you still have a lot to be proud of. When you don’t get that promotion at work or you don’t get a big raise or that first date you thought was going to turn into a long-term relationship doesn’t pan out, it doesn’t make you a loser. It just means you need to look back and evaluate what you did or could have done better so that the next time, you do get that stuff. In the meantime, here are a few things you have to be proud of that might improve an otherwise bad day.

Your Accomplishments

Even if your bad day is due to a lack of a new accomplishment, it’s okay to be proud of all you have accomplished thus far. You have a college education to be proud of, or maybe you have a position at a company that you fought for from the ground up that makes you proud. Perhaps you have zero debt and a gorgeous home, you’ve traveled the world or you have the best friends in the entire world. Those are pretty awesome accomplishments to be proud of.

Your Creativity

Maybe you aren’t Pable Picasso but that doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. Look at all those Pinterest projects you turned into reality in your own living room. Perhaps you could be an interior decorator with your creative and amazing tastes or maybe you’ve managed to make your living doing something so creative that few others are able to do the same. It’s okay to be proud of your creativity.

Your Decisions

So long as you are happy with your life, it’s perfectly okay to be happy with and proud of the decisions you’ve made in life. That decision not to marry a man you weren’t 100 percent positive you wanted to marry or the decision to wait until you graduated to begin dating seriously or the decision to save money instead of buying those new Manolos; all stuff to be proud of.


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