The Problem With Dwelling on Things that Don’t Matter

The biggest problem in life is that most people spend entirely too much time focusing on three things; the past, money and people. Your life will be much happier and much more satisfying if you remember that these things do not define you, they do not alter your decisions and they should never be the sole focus of your existence. Here’s why doing this is a big problem.

The Past

The past, my friends, is the past for a reason. It’s over; it’s not your problem anymore. Why do so many people spend so much time thinking about it and looking backward? There’s nowhere to go in that direction. Your life is ahead of you. The lessons you’ve learned and the mistakes you’ve made are behind you. Take the knowledge you gained along the way and apply it to right now and stop looking back.


Money is great, but it’s not everything. As long as you have enough to survive, that’s all you need. If you really want to be happy, don’t look to finances to make you happy. Look at your family and your friends, yourself, your career and the things you do to make yourself happy. If you have love, health and life, that’s what you need to be happy. Money, as it happens, only pays the bills. There is reach that proves that the happiness of people in this country does not change past an annual salary of $75,000 per year. What does that mean? That means that someone who makes $200,000 per year is no happier than someone who only makes $75,000.


This is a big one. The world needs to stop relying on the opinions of others. What others think of you is none of your business. In fact, they’re usually wrong anyway. Stop living for others and making decisions that revolve around the opinions, feelings and thoughts of others and start making them for yourself.


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