Prevent Your In-Laws From Affecting Your Marriage

In-laws: Aren’t they just the icing on the proverbial wedding cake? Some might say their in-laws aren’t so bad (I love mine) while others shudder at the mere thought of theirs (my husband…I’m only kidding mom and dad). Actually, it doesn’t matter if you love your in-laws or you wish run face first into a door that requires pulling as they push; your marriage still needs boundaries when it comes to your parents and his.

Draw the Line

Nothing creates as much of a problem as expecting your husband to simply know what you want in terms of his relationship with his parents and you with yours without uttering one word to him. Conflict occurs when he has his mom over four nights a week, lets her drop by unannounced, and has no problem inviting her on your date nights and you say nothing to him. Make sure you have a long talk about what you expect of your relationships with your parents and make rules from there. If you don’t mind his mom coming over a few times a week, tell him that; but then explain to him that you do mind her showing up almost every single night.

Say Nothing Negative About Him to His Parents

This advice is a bit conflicting to some because you might have been taught that if you’re going to complain about your husband to do it to his mom. The reason for this is that she will always love him, no matter what; unlike your mom or your friends. However, studies show that you should not say anything negative about your husband to his parents or risk them not liking you.

Let Him Handle the Hard Stuff

If your husband’s parents are doing something annoying, like dropping by unexpected 67 times a week, let him handle telling them to back off. They love him, so they’re more likely to listen to him without freaking out. It saves everyone involved a lot of unnecessary drama.


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