What you Should Know about Your Ultrasound Technician

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If you’re expecting a baby, you’re going to spend some time with an ultrasound technician. Even if you have no intention of learning the gender of your baby, you still need to have anatomy scans done, which means you’re headed his or her office. Here are a few things you need to know about ultrasound technicians.

You Need to Tell Them What You Want

You might have mentioned to your doctor on multiple occasions that you’re not interested in finding out the gender of your baby, but your ultrasound tech did not get this information. You must tell them what you want and don’t want during your scan so they know not to spill the beans.

They’re Nervous, Too

You might be nervous going into an ultrasound to find out how healthy your baby is, but your tech is also nervous. This is the person that has to determine whether or not all is well with your baby, and they’re always nervous that something won’t be right. It might not be their baby, but they don’t feel that way at the moment.

They Can’t Tell You Things

Your ultrasound technician doesn’t want to keep anything from you, but her job is to do just that. She can give you gender information and other stuff like that, but she can’t tell you anything else. She can’t tell you if something looks wrong or there are any concerns. That’s your doctor’s job. She doesn’t love not being able to divulge this information, but it’s not her choice.

US Techs Love their Jobs

It’s easy to love your job when you get to give people the best news of their life, which is that you are pregnant and that your baby looks good. It’s also great to tell people what they’re having. It’s also a lot of fun for ultrasound techs who get to spill news to parents they simply aren’t expecting, such as two babies or more (trust me, my ultrasound tech with my last pregnancy was thrilled to shock us with the news I was pregnant with twins at my 18-week anatomy scan).

They Don’t Know Everything

US techs are not God. They don’t know everything. Additionally, it is important for you to remember that they can’t make your baby cooperate and move around so that you can find out what you’re having. It’s frustrating for you and for her, but you can’t take out your anger on her when your baby chooses to take a nap with his or her legs closed tight.

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