Five of the Best Pregnancy Books You Can Read

pregnancy books

There’s so much to learn about becoming pregnant, being pregnant, and having a baby, which is why so many men and women choose to read books that help them along the road to becoming parents. Even second and third time moms re-read the same pregnancy books during their subsequent pregnancies. These books are written by parenting experts and medical professionals, and they’re designed to help you learn how to get through pregnancy, what to expect at each milestone, and also to answer some of the most common questions parents have during pregnancy. These books are the best ones to read.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This book, written by Heidi Murkoff, is the best pregnancy book available to women. In fact, nearly 90 percent of pregnant women read this book. It provides a detailed description of what to expect at every milestone by month. It lets you know what to expect when you see your doctor at your monthly appointment, what your baby is doing this month, what your body is doing this month and so much more. The current edition is the 4th, rewritten so that all information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

Written by Vicki Iovine, this book is designed for women who want just a little more personal information. The Girlfriend’s Guide is written to help you understand everything that happens during pregnancy that your doctor won’t tell you. For example, your most embarrassing questions about things your body is doing are all answered. And the best part is that they’re answered by real women who’ve been there and done that. It’s funny, friendly and feels like the information in the book is coming from your own closest friends.

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

Ann Douglas wrote this book to help women from conception through postpartum. There is nothing she doesn’t cover about becoming pregnant, dealing with infertility, dealing with miscarriage, and dealing with a successful pregnant, delivery and first year as a new mom. The information in the book is not only from parents who’ve been there, it’s from medical professionals as well. Each fact is backed by medical research, providing moms-to-be with a comprehensive overview of what to expect for the next 40 weeks and beyond.

The Diaper Diaries

Most pregnancy books are only about pregnancy, and they forget to delve into the real world of parenting. The Diaper Diaries, written by Cynthia L. Copeland, is the book to read as you wait for your child to make his or her appearance into the world. This book goes over everything you need to know during the first year as a parent. You’ll find it is helpful to read in preparation of your new baby and to re-read once your baby arrives. The information is smart, helpful, and truthful.

Let’s Panic About Babies

Written by Alice Bradley and Eden M. Kennedy, this is a pregnancy and parenting book written with humor in mind. The truth is that having a baby and becoming a parent requires a great deal of good humor; otherwise you’ll never make it through the trials and tribulations of parenting. You’ll find yourself laughing and realizing that everything you’re going through is what all women go through. It will help you to feel less overwhelmed and panicked, despite the name of the book.

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