Positive Thoughts to Help Overcome Difficult Situations

A positive thought, a positive word, and a positive mind are the best weapons against stress. We all feel it. It happens. We stress about our kids, our marriages, our homes, our life. We worry we aren’t good parents. We worry that we aren’t spending enough time focusing on our marriages. We worry that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home is a bad idea, and we worry about all the things that could change in an instant. Instead of stressing about these things, let’s worry about remembering a few positive thoughts when stress starts to feel overwhelming.

For Worry

One of my all time favorite quotes is one that goes a little something like this; worrying does not empty today of its troubles. It empties tomorrow of its strength. Another one I love about worry is this; worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. The next time you feel consumed with worry, remember those wise words. They’re positive, uplifting, and completely accurate.

For Hurt

This too shall pass is one that we should all remember. This unfailingly positive thought can help put your issues into perspective. It will pass. This time next week, will it still be a problem? This time next month? This time next year? It will pass, my friend.

For Stress

Your situation does not define you; your attitude and the way you handle it does. This is a great piece of advice for those who are experiencing some stress in life. It will pass, and it will go away. However, your reaction to what happens in your life is what defines you, not the action itself. Don’t let the stress in your life negatively affect you anymore than it already is. You have the power to fix your life.


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