Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day is stressful for most. It’s a day that’s not really special to some because of its Hallmark appeal. However, for others it’s a day that can’t be missed. It’s a day about love and even if you refuse to allow your love to be commercialized, it’s always a wise decision to acknowledge the holiday in some way, shape or form so that your special someone feels, well, special. Here are a few ways to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day.


Here’s the deal with dinner on Valentine’s Day; sometimes it’s not awesome. Even with reservations, restaurants are crowded and servers are rushed and harried and the romantic nature of the evening is often lost. To make up for that, most restaurants choose a limited menu for that night and then mark up the prices so that you pay more for food you probably wouldn’t have ordered if the full menu were available. Consider planning your Valentine Dinner on a different night – such as the night after or the night before.


Know your special someone. There’s nothing worse than planning the perfect Valentine’s Day only to realize that you did everything wrong. If your loved one loves chocolates, then a box of chocolates is a great idea. However, if he or she doesn’t love chocolate, buying it because it’s the “right” thing to do on Valentine’s Day is not going to make your day perfect. Know what he or she wants. Know what he or she likes. Even if it’s not even remotely romantic, the simple fact that you chose to do something you know your spouse loves is more romantic than an actual romantic gift.

Keep it Simple

Valentine’s Day is romantic and sweet, but it’s more so if you keep it simple. You needn’t go overboard spending thousands on this day if you make sure you show your loved one regularly how special he or she is. Something significant and sweet that you can turn into a tradition is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday.

For example, my husband gifted me a silver Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet several years ago, and he began giving me new charms each year on Valentine’s Day that represent something significant and special from the past year. Each year I know it’s coming, but I never know which charm and I’m always touched and amazed at how sweet and thoughtful his gift is when I open it. It’s even more romantic because it gives me an inside look at how he feels seeing which charm he chose to represent which moment of our lives the previous year.

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