How to Treat Ringworm in Your Dog

Ringworm is contagious. It’s a fungus that gets into your dog’s skin and causes your dog discomfort and irritation. Unless it is properly treated, it will return time and time again. For this reason, it’s imperative you find and treat your dog’s ringworm as soon as possible, and as quickly as possible. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you treat ringworm in your dog.

Call the Vet

The first step in treating your dog’s ringworm is to call the vet. If it’s a bad case that’s spread, you’re going to need medication to help treat it. There are methods you can use at home if it’s caught early enough, but they aren’t going to prevent it from coming back again and again.

Administer Oral Medication

Your dog’s vet is going to prescribe an oral medication that is going to kill the fungus causing your dog’s ringworm. It is imperative that you follow the dosage and time limits on the package if you expect to clearly rid your dog of ring worm. Killing ringworm from the interior is the best way to prevent it from returning.

Use Antifungal Cream

In addition to the oral medication prescribed by your dog’s vet, you’re going to want to visit the pet store to purchase antifungal cream to apply to your dog’s body. This is going to kill the infection from the outside of his body, helping to rid him of the ringworm even faster in conjunction with his oral medication. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely.

Use Antifungal Shampoo

Next, give your dog a bath. He’s going to need a good bath that uses antifungal shampoo. It’s an important step in the process of getting rid of ringworm, because your dog needs to have the fungus removed from his entire body. You’ll want to leave this shampoo on your dog’s body for around 10 minutes before you rinse it, which is no easy feat.

Treat your Home

Anything on which your dog sits, lies or plays is going to need to be treated and washed to prevent ringworm from passing back to him, or even to other members of your family. You’ll want to dispose of your vacuum bag following the cleaning you do, bleach what you can and chemically wash everything else with the strongest products safe for each item. You may need to leave your pet to a dog daycare before doing all the cleaning to ensure he’s safe from the chemicals you’re going to use.

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