This Koala May Be the Cutest Plane Passenger Ever


It’s about that time; koalas as plane passengers has happened and the world could not become any more adorable than it currently is at this moment in time. Singapore, a lovely location, is celebrating a happy 50 years worth of independence, which we all know is something so valuable that it is priceless. There is nothing that can be compared to freedom and independence, and that’s why Australia is sending the nation a gift; four lovely koalas. Eachs of the lovely little koalas will travel from Australia to Singapore aboard Qantas airlines in the business class section.

Now, not to point out the obvious or anything, but it appears that these little animals will travel a bit more nicely than most grown adults, which is kind of sad. But they’re really cute and most adults are not that cute, so we assume that people will be happy to share their aisle with an adorable koala. With that said, even these animals will have inflight food service. The airline is bringing in Eucalyptus leaves for the darling animals so that they will not go hungry on their flight. For the duration of their flight, Qantas Airlines is changing the name from Qantas class to Koala class and allowing the animals to have complete and full reign of the area. They will be catered to, loved on and treated like royalty. It’s a pretty nice way to treat a gift, if you ask us. Most people toss their gifts into a gift bag, maybe add some old tissue paper and call it a day. These koalas seem to have the life.

Photo by Buzzfeed


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