Reasons You Should Get A Pet For Your Children To Grow Up With

It is an age old question, should you get a pet for your children to grow up with?  It seems as if the tide is turning toward an affirmative in this question.  Experts are now stating several reasons why getting a pet is a good decision for your child.  First of all, when a family gets a pet when a child is at a young age, such as under a year or there is already a pet in the home, it can help prevent allergies from developing in the child.

Also, having a pet in the home can help your child to not develop fears of common animals because they have always been exposed to.  Fear of dogs or other animals is a terrible thing for a child to have to deal with.  Having a pet is also good for your child because they are like a built in friend that your child can talk to and share their feelings with, especially if it is something they don’t want to talk to their parents about.

As your child grows, a pet can provide the foundation to learn responsibility as your child helps to take on more care of the pet.  Pets can also be a lot of fun and someone for your child to romp and play with outdoors.  In addition, many pets grow to be protective of those in the family and can provide an extra layer of protection for your child.  They can alert you to danger that might come near your child.  They can also help to keep you alerted when anything is out of the ordinary, such as a stranger entering the backyard.

Of course, it is very important to consider what pet you will choose.  It is wise to do a lot of research and check with your pediatrician to get their specific recommendations.

Image Credit: Dog Central


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