15 Cats People Instantly Regret Buying


Moody, inconsiderate, too independent, and unmanageable. These are some of the adjectives people use to describe cats. Cats come in second position after dogs in terms of preference. There are too many people out there who regret buying cats after some time. They are high-maintenance, and unlike dogs, their loyalty leaves much to be desired. Let us look at some cats people regret buying.



Ever heard of cat-proofing your home? You wouldn’t know what hit your home with the Abyssinian cats around. Originally from Abyssinia (now, Ethiopia), the muscular, lithe, and fine-boned cat is the undisputed acrobats of the cat world. Gravity cannot control them. They can leap onto the shelves, climb to the top of the tree, hang on to the ceiling chandelier, or you might find them perched on top of the fridge. Anything can fall apart anytime.

American Curl


The name of the feline comes from its peculiar ears that curl from the face towards the center of the back of its skull. These cute cats run the risk of developing infections if they are not properly cared for. Their maintenance means regular ear massages and ear wipes. A big household with young members could find it challenging to take care of the American Curl. Regular visits to the vet are mandatory.



Usually wonderful companions, the Balinese are a nightmare if you cannot handle fur shedding and health costs. The felines have double coats, they shed significantly, and you need to carve out a special time to brush them daily. They are also prone to health conditions like feline acromelanism and amyloidosis, which require regular veterinary monitoring.



They aren’t your typical domestic cats. They have a demanding personality, a wild streak, high energy, and specific food requirements. Open outdoor enclosures are better than leashed walks. It is like having a tiny tiger cub that needs more teething toys than an infant. The felines are intelligent and form strong bonds with their human, which means it could lead to separation anxiety and depression if they are left alone.



Usually gentle and laidback, a Birman cat is prone to obesity and eye conditions. They have a stocky build and their diet needs watchful eyes. Every meal needs portion control or they become obese real soon. The felines are prone to tear staining and inward rolling of the eyelid (entropion) which can cause sight disruptions. Regular vet checkups are mandatory. Their fur needs daily brushing or their skin develops infection quite easily.



These miniature black panther looking felines with copper-golden eyes were bred in 1965. The Bombay cats are not suitable for homes with few members or if it is a single-cat home. You cannot leave them alone for even an hour. They love company and will develop separation anxiety. They need loads of attention and are very clingy. They are the ‘follow you to your bathroom’ kinds.

Maine Coon


Be ready to handle significant shedding (around 20 pounds for males) for these gentle giants. Daily brushing is a time-consuming task. Small apartments do not suit them as their energy level and size needs room to explore. Specialized diets recommended by vets is a requirement. Coons need high-protein diets to maintain their health and it is tough to get it right every time.

Oriental Shorthair


They are demanding felines. Lack of outlet for their high-energy leads to breaking things, scratching carpets, chewing furniture, and whatnot. Since they are extremely agile and curious, you need to cat-proof your home to prevent them from getting into mischief. They are picky eaters and finding their right kind of food is tough. Sudden dietary changes can cause them to flip out.



Affectionate, docile, puppy-like, and non-aggressive. Seems ideal, right?! What’s the problem then? They are exceedingly fragile. They get injured easily. They are the proverbial handle-with-care felines. Ragdolls are nicknamed ‘floppy’ because they go limp when picked up. You have to always watch your step with a ragdoll around.



Their wildcat heritage, strong prey drive, and specialized food requirements are a constant challenge. If a home has other small animals like birds and rodents, the Savannah cats will be unsuitable. The felines are unsuitable for quieter homes because they are vocal and attention-seeking, which if ignored, can lead to destructive behavior. They aren’t suitable for cramped spaces either as they need big spaces to explore.

Scottish Fold


The cute innocent felines are genetically predisposed to osteochondrodysplasia (OCD). Breeding them in an ethical violation in many countries. OCD impacts the development of their bones and cartilage, which means that they could be living with mobility limitations and painful joints their entire lives. They require constant monitoring and their living conditions need significant modification, like low lying litter boxes and ramps.



A relatively low maintenance cat and new to the American environment, the Siberians require you to invest in a strong vacuum cleaner. They have a thick, water-resistant, double coat that matte easily and leads to a lot of shedding. It is time-consuming to clean carpets every other day! Next is their love for water, which makes them messy and requires you to invest more time in cleaning up, unless you do not mind waking up to wet paw prints everywhere!


Singapura is a vocal cat. They love to trill and meow. This can become overwhelming to you if you prefer a quieter feline companion. You need to invest in a pet sitter because Singapura suffers from separation anxiety. They crave human interaction and can easily feel depressed if deprived. Their boredom can lead to destruction of things lying around or cause excessive vocalization of their displeasure. They are sensitive to cold and picky eaters.



The royal felines are high-maintenance. Their skin is sensitive to sunburn, cold climate, and sunlight. Sunscreens and heated beds/sweaters are a must. Since they have minimal fur, their oily skin requires daily cleaning to prevent blackheads, acne, and other issues. Their skin picks up dirt and grime, and they are prone to infections. Boredom will cause them to show destructive behavior.

Turkish Van


These felines love water, like the Siberians. You will find them sloshing about in any and every watery abode: showers, pools, bathtubs, and even toilets! It leads to hygiene issues, creates a damp home environment, and if constantly unsupervised, their behavior can cause water damages. They do not like constant human companionship as well. Sometimes, they do not even like to cuddle. “Leave me alone” seems to be their mantra! They are vocal cats, which can be a problem in quieter neighborhoods.


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