15 Cool Names for Your Black Cat


Black cats carry an air of mystery and charm that’s simply irresistible. Maybe it’s their sleek, shadowy coats or how they move with such understated grace. If you’ve just welcomed one of these enchanting felines into your home, picking the right name can be as fun as discovering their unique traits.


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Midnight evokes the deep, velvety shades of the night sky. Sophistication and enchantment define the furry companions with this moniker as they sometimes lounge in the moonlight, their eyes reflecting the stars above. Midnight might be quietly observing the world, ideally at ease in the serene darkness.


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Labeled after the famous cat from “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” Salem is tailor-made for a mischievous, regal black cat. Clever antics and assertive personalities define these fur babies, and in surprising, playful ways, a cat dubbed Salem demonstrates remarkable intelligence.


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After the iconic Mistress of the Dark, Elvira suits a black cat with a dramatic flair. Kittens with this name usually enliven any gathering by displaying temperaments as prominent as their namesake. During the festive season, Elvira captures all with her whimsical side.


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Simple yet profound, Shadow matches a feline who follows you quietly, blending seamlessly into the background. These cats are incredibly loyal and show great affection once they are comfortable. A Shadow may initially be shy but becomes a comforting presence over time.



Channeling the matriarch of “The Addams Family,” Morticia fits a cat with a dignified aura and cryptic charm. Elegance and serenity mark these felines as they often gaze out windows contemplatively, basking in their tranquil world.



Velvet, suggesting the soft, luxurious fabric, is perfect for a silky, smooth-coated black cat. Such kitties are comforting companions, mainly on quiet evenings, reflecting the essence of their gentle nature. Owners cherish the soothing purrs of a cat-christened Velvet.



Evoking the rich, dark wood, Ebony complements a majestic cat with a strong personality. These felines command respect with an impressive stature, enjoying their solitary pursuits while seeking attachment on their terms. Ebony often personifies independence coupled with majesty.


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Apt for a cat with a mysterious or slightly foreboding presence, Grimm hints at the fairy tale collection. Their fun-loving disposition turns ordinary days into adventures, with Grimm suddenly pouncing from the shadows. These kittens relish the lighthearted aspects of their stealthy demeanor.


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For a cat with a celestial quality, Nebula reflects the dark, starry parts of our galaxy. Dreamers at heart, these cats might be caught staring contemplatively at the sky. Nebula brings a touch of the cosmos into everyday life with a secretive allure.



Mystic, suggestive of the unknown, befits a profoundly insightful cat that keeps you intrigued by its hidden ways when responding to unseen stimuli. These kitties add an element of mystery to everyday life by captivating the guardians with their secretive behavior. Mystic’s enigmatic persona can bring an air of intrigue to any home.



Ideal for an elusive, almost ghost-like cat, Phantom harmonizes well with a mysterious air. They are known for stealth—phantom surprises that materialize seemingly from nowhere. Soft as whispers, their footsteps echo the silent tales of their ghostly magnetism, and their ethereal bearing adds a touch of mysticism to daily life.


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Inspired by the intelligent bird, Raven is a clever identity for a cunning black cat. Known for problem-solving, Ravens find hidden treats or solve puzzles with ease. Their sharp intelligence is as notable as their striking, dark fur, which makes them an adventurous family addition.



Embrace the naughty appeal of Lucifer, a moniker that conjures images of a cat with a devilish personality and undeniable essence. Ideal for a black cat with a penchant for playful tricks and a commanding demeanor, Lucifer corresponds to those feline leaders who always seem to have a plan.


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Eclipse is a poetic and powerful name for a black cat, evoking the celestial phenomenon that captures awe and wonder. It is perfect for a cat with a quiet, profound elegance, whose rare beauty and enigmatic bearing can overshadow any room they grace.



Sirius, a cat named after the brightest star in the night sky and the beloved character from Harry Potter, is an energetic and loyal pet. Like their namesake, Sirius Black, they might display an impish streak paired with a noble heart.


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