15 Adorable Names for Your Boy Cat


Bringing home a new kitty is exciting! But with all the adorable meows and playful swats, one question might leave you scratching your head: what to name your new furball of joy? Look no further, cat lovers! This gallery is brimming with 15 of the cutest boy cat names guaranteed to melt your heart and perfectly suit your feline companion’s personality.

Sir Mittens


This regal name is the best choice for a fluffy Persian with an air of sophisticated charm. Imagine him lounging majestically on your armchair, every flick of his tail demanding a gentle ear scratch.



Inspired by the soft Japanese rice cake, this endearing name is ideal for a cuddly and playful cat. It’s fitting for a snuggly Persian cat who loves nothing more than curling up in your lap for a nap.



Tiny but mighty, this name is perfect for a mischievous munchkin or a sleek Singapura cat. His energetic antics and curious nature will keep you entertained for hours.



For the curious cat who loves to investigate every nook and cranny, Sherlock is the purrfect choice. His bright eyes and keen sense of smell will leave no mystery unsolved in your home.



This name evokes the warm glow of a ginger tabby’s fur. His sunny disposition and lively spirit will bring a ray of sunshine to your day, even on the cloudiest mornings.



Buddy is a loyal and affectionate name for a devoted companion who is always by your side. Whether you’re watching TV or taking a nap, Buddy is right there with you, ready to offer his unconditional love and support.


Larisa Stefanuyk/Getty

This fluffy name is ideal for a Maine Coon or Ragdoll with a luxurious coat that seems to float around him. He’ll be your own personal cloud to cuddle with, as soft and comforting as a summer breeze.



This name, great for a tabby with a distinctive fur pattern, conjures up images of fluffy breakfast goodness. His warm brown tones and sweet personality will make you want to gobble him right up (but don’t!)



For the sleek and agile cat who darts around the house like a furry bullet, Arrow is the ideal choice. His lightning-fast movements and energetic pounces will keep you on your toes (and your toys flying!).



This name evokes a sense of adventure, perfect for the curious cat who loves to explore every corner of your home. Imagine him perched on a windowsill, gazing out at the world with an air of mystery, like a tiny explorer planning his next voyage.



This name is fitting for a golden tabby or an endearing Bengal. Why? Because he is as sweet as a treat! His friendly personality and playful energy will make him a constant source of joy and entertainment.



Don’t be fooled by his small stature – Milo, inspired by the famous Venus de Milo statue, hints at the brave hunter lurking beneath that adorable fur. His energetic stalking of unsuspecting dust bunnies and feathery toys will keep his inner wildcat spirit alive.


Nataliia Pyzhova/Getty

This Italian-inspired name is perfect for the naughty kitty who gets into everything. His tendency to somehow end up in hilariously troublesome situations will keep you laughing, even as you clean up his latest adventure.



Lionel is the ultimate name for the confident and majestic cat who struts around the house with an air of importance. He may be small, but his regal presence will make you feel like you’ve got your personal lion guarding your castle.


Ingus Kruklitis/Getty

With its playful sound, this name is great for the curious kitty who always seems to be gazing at something unseen. Imagine him perched on a high shelf, eyes wide with wonder as he contemplates the mysteries of the universe (or maybe just the dust motes dancing in a sunbeam).


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