10 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You


Being a pet owner is a pretty nice feeling. Even when you have to take time to clean out a nasty litter box or deal with the hissing and meowing and frantic fear and anger that your cat exudes when it’s time to go to the vet, you still feel good about owning a cat. They are, after all, very sweet creatures that are very loving and wonderful. Pet owners do live longer than people who don’t own pets. It’s a great form of stress relief to own a cat, and you will enjoy a better overall quality of life with a cat in your family. But that doesn’t mean that this is all you get out of a cat. In fact, owning a cat can actually make you a better, more knowledgeable person. That’s right, friends, you can get a cat and learn a lot. We aren’t talking about how to clean out the litter box as quickly as possible or how to better hide your hair ties so that the cat can’t get to them when he or she is in the mood to play at 2 am, either. We are talking about real life lessons that cats teach their owners, and they’re actually kind of awesome. So, what is it that your cat is teaching you about life? Read on to find out.

It’s Possible to Land on Your Feet

When you shoot for the stars and try to realize your goals, you might just fall flat on your face. Except that you won’t because you can land on your feet if you are really careful about what you are doing. Cats try and try to do things that seem impossible at first, but they land on their feet and they keep going. It’s impressive, really.

Anything is Possible

It is the truth that anything is possible when you are a cat. But it’s also true when you are a human. Anything is possible. You can actually make it a point to do whatever you want and succeed. How often does my cat jump from the landing at the top of the stairs onto the balcony without ever overshooting and falling off? I would have died the first time – but my cat has shown me anything is possible.

The Perfect Glare is Intimidating

It’s the truth. If you want to get your way and you want people to fall in line, give them a perfect glare. When you perfect the kind of glare that’s intimidating enough to make a grown man cry, you’ve managed to work out your life.

Being Unimpressed Works

Sometimes you just have to show off how unimpressed you are. It’s the only way to get things accomplished. There’s too much of this, “YAY! Good for you! You’re awesome,” in the world and people are not really doing much to deserve that treatment. Show off how unimpressed you are that someone made it to work on time and they’ll fall in line.

It’s the Little Things that Matter Most

It’s true. Your cat is so happy with a piece of toilet paper roll that you have to ask yourself if killing yourself at work for Ferraris and mansions and a private jet is really worth it when a toilet paper roll is all the entertainment you need.

A Room with a View is the Best Room

Cats love a room with a view. They love to find the best place in the house to sit and watch and enjoy the view, and it’s a good lesson for us. You should sit somewhere and enjoy the view sometimes. Sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy life if you want to make the most of it.

Napping is Necessary

A good nap is sometimes all you need in life to get by and make yourself feel good. Cats don’t make any sort of apology for taking the time to lie down and close their eyes, and we shouldn’t feel badly about doing the same thing. If we all took an hour long nap in the afternoon, I bet we’d all be much more pleasant and productive the rest of the day.

There’s No Time like the Present to Enjoy Life

It’s true. Your cat is up at 2 am playing games and enjoying life, and it’s a lesson that sometimes you just have to have fun and ignore the fact that it’s an inappropriate hour. Now, we like to sleep at 2 am, but if you want to get up and 6 and have a grand old time, it sounds like a pretty good plan. There is no time like the present to enjoy your life seeing as how it is the only one you are going to get. If you want to have a party at 10 am, have one. It’s not too early.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Here’s something that many people might feel the need to raise an eyebrow and potentially disagree. But the truth of the matter is that size doesn’t matter. Sometimes cats prove this more than anything or anyone else. For example, that one time my cat attacked a pit bull because it irritated him – size didn’t matter. I mean, it mattered when the dog grabbed our cat and pretty much at him to the point that his lungs were collapsed and his liver and kidneys were failing, his body was half shaved and he was on IVs for a while and not expected to make it through the night. But guess what? That dog was gone within hours, the cat lived and who really won in that one? Size, my friends, does not matter.

Me Time is Important

Cats love to spend a little time on their own, and we should all take that lesson into consideration. A little “me” time goes a long way when it’s time to enjoy and relax and make ourselves happy. When we take the time to be more about ourselves, we are better people. That makes it more likely that we can care for others and still be more productive in other areas of our lives as well.

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