What are the Best Floor Choices for Pet Owners?

Having a pet brings a number of responsibilities. It also requires some changes and adopting new habits. Pets can be a great addition to your home but they can also cause damages to the place. Cats, dogs, bunnies and other animals with nails can scratch and dent the floor. They also make a lot of dirt sometimes. The APPA says that more than 60 percent of households in the States own at least one pet.

This is a good opportunity to think about what you need to do in order to protect your home and pets. Purchasing a new floor is one of the things you need to take into consideration if you have an animal in the house. You need to think carefully what type of floor is going to be the best in this case. You have to pick up something durable that will last longer and that is easy to clean.

Here we want to show you a few floors that are great for pet owners. Check them out.


This is one of the most durable flooring types possible. Since it is covered with aluminum dioxide it becomes hard like a diamond. What does this mean? The nails of your dog or cat will not scratch the surface that easy. Furthermore, laminate is much better than carpet or wood flooring when it comes to droppings and other “accidents”. Just be sure to clean the surface the moment you see a problem so that it doesn’t get into the joints of the laminate.


This is another good option if you own a pet. Be careful when choosing a carpet, however. Cat owners may need to pick one that is neither a loop nor a pattern, as cats will scratch it very quickly. Everybody knows how much cats are into scratching so unless you want to buy a new carpet every month, you had better keep this in mind and make the right choice. As for dog owners, dogs can easily snap the fibers of the carpet, so the best carpet for you is a twist or texture carpet.


As far as moisture is concerned, tile seems to be the best type of flooring available on the market. Just like laminate, tile does not trap allergens inside, which means they can be easily vacuumed or mopped. Clearly, pets will not be able to destroy this type of flooring. The downside of it, however, is that it doesn’t fit certain areas of your house and is not appropriate for all the rooms. But if you have a special room for the pet, a place where it spends most of the time, then you may consider placing tile there.

Additional tips

Don’t forget to buy a carpet that has a good stain warranty. The market offers a number of carpets that are sold with lifetime stain warranties. This warranty can be maintained if you give a professional clean of the carpet on an annual basis.

As for the color of the carpet, we advise you to purchase a dark color one. Or you can have a tonal carpet. The latter has a number of colors into it and is able to hide stains in case there is a stain you simply cannot get rid of.

Another thing to take into consideration is your pet’s fur color. We do not recommend that you go for a light carpet if you have a dark pet at home.

Our last advice would be for you to restrain from buying a wood floor. Some people with relevant experience say that the smell is horrible as pet urine gets inside the boards.

Author Bio: July Minor works as a professional cleaner for Prompt end of tenancy cleaning . She is interested in pet caring, home interior and DIY.

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