The Benefits of Having A Pet in Your Family

Getting a pet for your home is something many families think about and discuss on a regular basis. If you’re like my family, you might go back and forth about getting a puppy every few months, ultimately deciding that for whatever reason it’s not right at the moment. Maybe you have a cat (like we do) and your kids love the cat because he lets them treat him like a baby doll and do whatever they want to him and he loves it but he irritates you at night because he wants your attention every single night at 2 am. Maybe this will help and maybe it won’t, but knowing that having a family pet will benefit your family in three different ways can help you make your decision.

Teaching Responsibility

When you make the decision to get a family pet, it will help you teach your children the importance of responsibility. By giving your kids particular tasks, such as making sure the cat or dog has fresh food and water every day, the dog is walked regularly as well as bathed regularly, you are helping teach them that it’s important to take care of your responsibilities.

Pets are Good Exercise

Okay, so a lazy, languid cat probably isn’t going to inspire you to do much more than nap and give people that cat-perfected evil, judgmental look, but getting a dog is great for your family’s health. Why? Because dogs need exercise; you’ll need to walk him, play with him, run around with him in the backyard and take him to the park. This is a great form of fun exercise for the entire family.

Pets Teach Love and Compassion

When you have a pet, it makes you understand a bit more about love and compassion for those who need you the most. This is a great lesson for children. It helps them grow into well-rounded adults with the ability to love and care for others.


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