Perfection is an Unhealthy Goal to Have

Perfection is overrated. In fact, it’s so overrated that it doesn’t actually exist. There’s no such thing as a perfect person or a perfect mom or a perfect marriage. There’s a lot of great people and fabulous moms and amazing marriages in the world, but not even one of them is absolutely perfect. Why? Because perfection is overrated; no one can be perfect. Perfect people don’t exist. We are all failures and we are all imperfect and that, my friends, is perfectly okay. Here are three reasons to stop trying to achieve perfection right this second.

The Road to Perfection is Never-Ending

The harder you try to be perfect, the harder you’ll fall in your attempt. Since you won’t reach the status of perfect anything, you’ll just wear yourself out and cause yourself to have a complete breakdown trying. You’re not a perfect mom, and that’s okay. You’re not a perfect wife, and that’s fine, too. Striving for perfection is not something healthy; it’s so unhealthy it’ll cause you more stress in your life.

People Want More from You

The more you try to be perfect, the harder you’ll work to please others. When people recognize that you’re a people pleaser, they’re going to start asking more and more of you until you simply cannot do it anymore. Then you’re going to feel like a failure; you’re going to feel so far from perfect that you will actually be disappointed in yourself for being human. It’s simply not worth it.

Perfection is Overrated

People with imperfect qualities they embrace with pride are the most fun. They know they’re not good at this or that or that they simply don’t get this or that, and they’re okay with it. They don’t care that they aren’t perfect. They just care that they’re alive and happy and that’s all that matters. Be more fun – be imperfect.

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