You’ll Be Surprised How Much Kids can Learn from Butterfly Coloring Pages


When it comes to coloring, most kids do it because it’s fun. However, parents understand that with the concept of coloring often comes a more involved lesson for a deeper understanding of things. Some kids learn their colors through coloring, and others learn to steady their hand and become neater when writing and coloring. However, you can take free butterfly coloring pages from the internet and turn them into an entire educational experience for your children. Here are three great ways you can teach your kids through the use of butterfly coloring pages you download online from the comfort of your own home.

Coloring Skills

The biggest lesson children learn from coloring is the ability to learn to color well. The more they color, the better they will become (practice makes perfect, remember). They will learn the art of holding a crayon or marker, how to keep their hand steady so they stay in the lines and they will learn to use their imaginations to choose colors that might not be the “norm” so that their creativity and artistic thoughts shine through.


Many children like things done here and now. Practicing their coloring skills helps to teach them patience. Having to sit down and actually go through with the work, with the clean up and with the entire process helps children to understand that all good things are worth waiting for. They want a beautiful piece of art, and it’s going to help them learn that you have to work hard and have patience to create something of that nature.

The Concept of Growth

Along with butterfly coloring pages, you can also incorporate coloring pages that include the caterpillar and metamorphosis. This is a great lesson that can be turned into many different lessons. For example, you can use these coloring pages to teach children that just because something is born small and not so beautiful doesn’t mean that they can’t turn into something beautiful one day. Just because something isn’t what it seems doesn’t make it any less true. There are a number of different lessons you can use to teach your kids with just these simple pages you find online.

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