You Need To Keep Your Kids Safe at Home

As parents we have more than enough to worry about on a regular basis. However, a new article in the U.S. News states that parents need to worry even more, because there are more dangers in the house than simply those we have already considered. Even if your pool is covered, your outlets covered, your house alarm on, and your drawers are child-proofed you still haven’t considered even the most basic of dangers lurking in your home. Your children are often injured by the most innocuous items in your household, which is why we need to aim higher to keep our kids safe. Kate Carr, president of Safe Kids Worldwide said, “Kids are curious. We have to be very vigilant about our children and really live in the moment and be present when we’re supervising them.” Because of this we need to make sure we know which places are the most dangerous in our homes.

The Bathroom

Standing water is perhaps the most dangerous thing for a child to encounter. It takes only one inch of water for a child to drown, which means you need to be present at all times when your children are in the tub and when they are using the restroom. One misstep on their part and they could fall into the open toilet and wind up too stuck to move, which could lead to an accidental drowning. Keep all bathroom doors firmly shut and accompany children to the restroom every time they use it.

The Television

We aren’t talking about trashy television that rots our children’s brain cells. We are talking about falling televisions that crush children’s skulls. All televisions should be placed firmly on stands that are large and sturdy enough to hold the television. Remote controls, toys, and knick-knacks should not be placed on top of televisions because they tempt young children to try and climb to retrieve them, pulling the television down on themselves.


It may not seem like a dangerous item, but if you leave your coffee cup somewhere a child can reach it for even one second in the morning you risk your child pulling the cup down and burning himself. Make sure that if you have to leave your cup unattended you leave it on a high table or on a countertop.



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