World’s Best Parents Recreate Their Daughter’s Ridiculous Selfies


If you’re a kid there’s something you should never ever forget.  While your parents may be lame or embarrassing, they’ve seen you in the most lame and embarrassing ways that you could never compare to their actions.   Remember, they raised you so they’ve seen you since birth.   So the next time you’re thinking of acting a little silly, remember who these people are.

New Yorker Emily Musson and her boyfriend apparently took so many selfies (in somewhat ridiculous poses) that Emily’s parents felt compelled to recreate them in a most hilarious fashion. The original selfies featured Emily and her boyfriend posing with pouty lips and chin-shelves.

Emily shared the side-by-side photos, tweeting “My parents r actually on drugs or something.”  Emily, you missed the entire point.  Look how ridiculous they look.  That’s the point!  You look the exact same way.

The tweet has since gone viral, and Emily’s parents are apparently quite pleased with their own success. Emily’s mother Nancy even sent out this amazing tweet:  “For my children who always thought I was boring,embarrassing,or dorky,I am Trending!!! Get over yourself. Hoo ya!”

Check out the pics below:





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