Work From Home Moms and Kids in Daycare: Worth It Or A Waste?

kids in daycare

Don’t you love a hot-button controversial subject? I cannot tell you how many times someone asks me what I do for a living, which is fine. I write; and I work from home. I am exceptionally busy throughout the day with my deadlines, and I have four kids. My husband works outside the home; and people love to ask where our kids are during the day. What makes me laugh every single time is that not one person is ever satisfied with my answer (not that I care). We have a second grader who is in school all day. We have a VPK-er who is also in school all day. We have 2-year-old twins who are home with me all day.

Why do you leave your VPK daughter in school all day when it’s out at noon?

Why don’t you take your twins to school so you’re less stressed?

So, you’re home all day and you’re planning on enrolling your babies in school in August?

Pretty much every single answer I give is met with disgust in some way, shape or form. I don’t care, personally. However, it always makes me wonder how other parents feel. If you work from home, what do you do? My daughter is done with her VPK class at noon, but she’s in school until 3 when I get her before I get her big sister from school. Come August when she begins kindergarten, the twins will start school part-time.

For many, the idea that I’m home all day means I should be focused solely on my kids. However, as they get older and require more from me that I am not always able to give, I like to give them an alternative. It works for both of us, and there is nothing wrong with it. The price of daycare is astronomical, which is why I will only enroll the twins part-time (two babies, two tuitions). However, that uninterrupted time will become valuable to me. Right now I get it during their afternoon nap, but that won’t last forever.

When I have the time to work uninterrupted, I’m better at it. I’m far more productive, I’m more focused and I’m able to put it away when I’m with my kids and focus solely on them when they are home. So, moms wondering if it’s something worthwhile – yes. Do what works for you and your kids; and only take my advice with a grain of salt.

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