Why Parenthood is Far and Away the Best Movie about Parenthood

Steve Martin

If you’ve never seen “Parenthood,” you’re definitely missing out. By far one of the best movies that has anything to do with, well, parenting, it’s a must see for all who are thinking of having kids or already have kids. Actually, now that I think about it, I wonder why it’s not a requirement that all people thinking of having kids are not required to sit down and take in this movie before any final decisions are made. The point is this; the movie is good fun and it’s highly entertaining, but it’s not going to answer your parenting problems. What it is going to do, however, is provide you with a raw and very honest look at what it’s like to be a parent and what you’re going to have to do when your kids get here – and as they grow up.

As most anything else, any movie with Steve Martin playing any sort of character is going to be hilarious. But what’s even better about this movie is that we get to watch what it is like for parents to get through life with their kids. It’s not just a story of struggle or of joy, it’s a bit of both and it’s actually pretty spot on in comparison to actual real life. With a kid with behavioral issues, the problems that come hand-in-hand with trying to balance a career with a family, and a family that is just a little bit crazy. A brother always looking for a handout, a brother-in-law who deems all other kids unintelligent enough to warrant his daughter not being able to play with them, a niece who gets married and pregnant without telling anyone, and a wife that is surprisingly pregnant about five seconds after he quits his job; it all boils down to the fact that this movie looks a lot like the lives of most of us ‘real’ people.

Pretty much the entire movie is about making choices, questioning your choices, wondering what you did or could have done or did not do to change the course of your own life and the lives of your children, and assuming that you are an overall failure when it comes to your kids. The good news, however, is that it is a bit of a relief to see that other families face the same struggles and joys that your family faces, and getting to see how other families relate and deal with life issues can be quite helpful and encouraging at times.

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