When Mom is Sick

Moms don’t get sick days, which means when you aren’t feeling good; the day is going to be a long one. Few things are as frustrating and miserable as feeling under the weather with kids – especially if you have more than one – and they want just as much of your attention, energy and time as they do when you are feeling great. The next time you feel less than perfect, you need to have a reserve of activities and fun that will minimize your discomfort and keep your kids happy as ever.

Fun Baskets

When I’m not feeling well, the worst thing I encounter is a bored child. When I have no energy and my body aches from head to toe, the last thing I have the energy to do is find creative ways to entertain my kids, which is precisely why I have a basket of fun for just this occasion. This basket is hidden from my kids until I’m sick. In it are new coloring and activity books, crayons and stickers. I also have special little toys, a new movie and a few books. They’re always excited to have something new; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.

Snack Attack

Getting up to cook when you feel like death is miserable, which is why my husband helps me out before he leaves for work. He creates a basket that the kids can easily reach in the pantry and one in the fridge. In these baskets are their favorites; pretzels, fruit cups, goldfish, yogurt, milk, bottles of water they can bring to me with their cups when they’re thirsty and even special treats such as chocolate chip muffins. They love when I’m sick because they get to go through the fun snack basket. The trick is to keep part of it healthy and part of it special treats they don’t often get to keep them happy.


If you need to rest, make it a pajamas and movie day. Pop some popcorn for the kids and ask them to pick out their favorite movies. Put them in the DVD player and let them create a pillow and blanket fort in the living room they can use to watch the movies. This gives you quality time with them and plenty of rest so that you’re back to your healthy self that much faster.


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