Best Way To Handle When Your Child Says Something Embarrassing

It has happened all of us.  You are out in a public place and your child says something embarrassing and you want the floor to simply open up and swallow you.  Of course, you aren’t lucky enough to escape the situation so what can you do?

Take stock to see how many people heard your child.  If you are in luck and no one else heard their embarrassing remark, you can shelf the issue until you are alone with your child to discuss why their remark was inappropriate.  It is important that you do address it, though, so your child knows not to say whatever was said again and that they learn differently.

If you can, laugh the remark off.  Chances are, others may find your child’s remark funny rather than think about how it might be embarrassing for your child or for you.  If it is something that doesn’t really offend anyone, take the remark as something humorous rather than embarrassing.  Kids say a lot of cute things and most of the time they don’t understand what is and isn’t embarrassing for you or for themselves.

If your child says something that could possibly be found offensive by those that heard it, such as directing a remark toward a person that is in earshot, then you need to handle it directly.  While it is embarrassing to you, you want to make sure that you correct how your child is mistaken and prevent from hurting anyone’s feelings.  For example, if your child makes a remark about something someone is wearing, it might be time to talk about how we all have different tastes and that is okay.  Sometimes you have to do this in front of the other person but that also lets the possibly offended person know you are doing your best to handle your child’s behavior.

An apology always goes a long way toward smoothing an awkward situation over, as well.  Most people are understanding and have stood in your shoes.



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