What Kids Teach Their Parents

Every parent is a teacher – or they should be, at least. Every parent has a teaching job to do. It is the responsibility of every parent to teach their children kindness and compassion, love and respect, honesty, cleanliness, shoe-tying, how to use a fork, how to use the potty, and a lot of other stuff that isn’t listed in the proverbial parenting handbook (really, sippy cups come with instructions but kids don’t…always baffles me). Most parents are aware of their roles as educators and example-setters, but most parents don’t realize that in between educating their children why you wipe every time they use the potty and why we must bathe on a daily basis, your kids are teaching you a few things as well.

Be Blunt

You tiptoe around your real feelings so as not to offend anyone while your five-year-old just asks why someone is being a big, giant meanie-head. Kids don’t have a filter, but they’re also far happier than adults. Maybe their complete honesty and ability to just say what’s on their mind is the reason.

Ask Questions

Why? Why? Why? Why not? How come? Why? What for? Where are we going? Are we there yet? What’s that? Why’s that? How does that work? Why? Why? Why? Kids ask a LOT of questions, but guess what? They also learn a lot. They also have no more questions about things when they’re finished and they know exactly what’s up. How many adults do you know who refuse to ask a question for whatever reason and end up confused and unable to perform a task because their pride got in the way? Exactly.

There is Such Thing as Too Much

Too many cookies will make your kids’ stomach hurt – you learned this after letting your kid pig out at the grocery store in an effort to shop in peace, but you really learned it when you got home and had to clean up the aftermath of cookie-gate. Think about that the next time you decide to overindulge yourself in something yummy, like margaritas.

Always Go Potty Before You Leave

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have to go – you need to go. You won’t let your kids out of the house without at least an attempt to potty, so do everyone a favor and hit the bathroom before you go.

Imagination is Key to Success

Harry Potter and Dr. Suess. Enough said.


Being silly is fun. Being silly is a necessity. Being silly is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your child. It makes everything more fun.


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