What Are The Best Ways To Teach A Lesson To Your Child That Sticks?

As parents, it is our job to teach our children right from wrong so that they will grow up to be good, responsible people.  Sometimes that means we have to use discipline or other creative methods to teach a lesson.  The goal of all discipline with children is to change a behavior.  The kind of discipline or the way you teach a lesson to your child will vary depending upon their age and personality.  Here are some ideas to get you started for different age groups.

One way you can teach a lesson to your child when they are younger is to read them a story about whatever issue you are going through with them.  There are many good choices in books for children but I especially like the Berenstain Bears series of books.  My children loved them and they covered many issues that you face in your own family.  When we would read a book, for example, about the Berenstain Bears that dealt with lying, my children could learn from Brother and Sister Bear’s mistakes and apply them in their lives.

For an older child I have found that making the punishment fit the crime works well and is a way to teach a lesson that they will remember.  For example, if you need to teach a lesson on tearing something up, you could make them work for you to pay for it.  If you need to teach a lesson to your child about making a huge mess while you were at work, have them clean it up.

Using creative approaches will help you to get the point across that you are trying to convey and teach a lesson to your child that will stick with them.  Parenting is difficult and all you can do is your best.  Someday your child will thank you for your effort.



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