Ways You Can Encourage Your Child To Enjoy Reading More

Reading is an important skill and the more you do it the better you get which is why it is so important to encourage your child to enjoy reading.  As they read more, they will read better and that will help them to improve their grades in all areas.  If they read well and enjoy it, it will help their grades in many subjects, not just reading.

Some children are natural readers and with others you have to encourage your child to enjoy reading.  It sounds harder than it really is.  One way to do this is read with your child.  Even an older child enjoys reading a book with their parents.  If they are in elementary grades, consider books like Little House on the Prairie or Where the Red Fern Grows.  These are chapter books with more complex plot structures to hold their attention as they are getting older.

Set habits in place to help your child to enjoy reading more.  Allow them to read for a half hour or so before they go to sleep at night.  If given the choice between turning the light off and going to sleep or reading, most children will choose reading.

Set a good example.  Children tend to imitate what they see and if they see Mom and Dad reading it will encourage your child to enjoy reading more.  They will think it is a grown up and neat thing to take part in since you are doing it and want to read more as well.  It doesn’t matter what you read, books, newspapers, magazines or cookbooks, the point is that they see you reading.

When you catch your child reading, tell them how proud you are of them.  Reinforcing that you are pleased with their choice of how to spend their time will encourage your child to enjoy reading more.

If you follow these tips you will soon have a child that loves to read.


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