Ways To Make New Friends When You Are A Stay At Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is a choice you made and you are happy with your choice.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a circle of friends.  Unfortunately, being a stay at home mom can be very isolating if you aren’t careful.  There are ways you can still have a firm support system of friends but you have to be very intentional about developing that when you are a stay at home mom.

What are some ways you can make friends when you are a stay at home mom?  Let’s think about this.  Many friendships are built upon the grounds of having things in common so look around you.  Are there other moms that look friendly and maybe you have spoken to when taking your children to school?  Work your nerve up and ask them if they would like to get a cup of coffee after drop off.  If your kids are in after school activities, get involved and ask how you can help.  When you are helpful, many people are very likely to become your friend.

Join a play group or take your children to story hour if they aren’t school age yet.  This will be beneficial to both your child and you in getting you out the house and meeting new people who you can form friendships with.  Be friendly.  Smile and say hi to others.  Sometimes finding a new friend means you have to take the first step.

Do something for yourself.  Maybe it is a scrapbooking class or a spinning class.  Whatever your passion, get out there and do it.  Maybe the people you meet will have children and maybe they won’t.  You can still be their friend.  Keep the possibilities open, use these tips and before long your calendar will be full of dates with friends.


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