Does Your Toddler Still Need A Nap? Ways To Tell For Sure

It is sometimes difficult to determine if your toddler still needs a daily nap.   At times, they seem as if they do.  Then on other days, they seem as if they show no signs of being tired at all.  So how can you tell?  What signs should you look for to know?

One tell-tale sign is if your toddler regularly gets cranky in the late afternoons and evenings.  If this occurs, then they probably still need to take an afternoon snooze.  That period of crankiness is their body’s way of saying that it needs more rest.  While meltdowns are a definite part of the toddler years, if they are occurring regularly at a certain time each day then you need to consider the fact that your toddler probably needs more sleep than they are getting.

If your toddler goes to bed very early in the evening, then that is a pretty clear sign that they can’t make it through a full day without the effects being felt.  While toddlers do need a lot of nighttime sleep, if they cannot make it through dinnertime without falling asleep in their plate, it is time to make sure they get a daily nap.  Likewise, if you cannot get your toddler to wake up without a morning struggle and you put them to bed at a reasonable hour then you might need to consider adding a nap into their daily schedule.

If your toddler is not getting enough rest then it is going to show somewhere.  It will either show up in their behavior or in how they seem to constantly need more sleep.  Getting enough sleep is important to your toddler’s health.  Not only will it help them to be a happier, more pleasant child but it will also help them to grow properly and have a stronger immune system.



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