Three Ways Becoming a Parent Will Change Your Life

Becoming a parent is a life changing decision. No matter how easy or difficult you find particular aspects of being a parent, it’s a life changing decision. Once you have kids, you understand. Before you have kids, you have an idea, but since every child and every family is different there’s no real way to know what you’re in for. However, when you make the decision to become a parent, you make the decision to change your life. Here are three things you’ll notice no matter how great or scary you find the job.

Your Life Will Be in Jeopardy

Your kids aren’t deliberately trying to put your life at risk, but they’ll do it about 4 times a day most days. They’ll put their toy cars on the bottom step and you won’t realize it until you slip on them at 6 am. They’ll spill something and forget to mention it and you’ll slip. They’ll run as fast as possible toward the street and you’ll pull more muscles than you knew existed trying to chase after them….kids will wear you out and you will hurt a lot of the time.

Being a Parent Means You’ll Lose Time

You will lose time. One minute it’s 2 hours before you have to leave for school and the next minute you’re running late because those two hours passed so quickly you weren’t prepared. Time is of the essence with kids. When they’re misbehaving or DYING to go to Grandma’s house the time will seem to stand still. When you’re having fun, the time will pass with abandon.

You Are Never Really Alone

People joke. You think they’re kidding. They are not. You will never really be alone with your kids in the house. You can’t use the restroom without a child figuring out how to get in. You won’t be able to lock them out because they’ll stand there at the door and bang on it until you open it. You’re never really alone with kids. But you know what? It’s okay. They’re cute and you’ll love being with them.

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