Three Values To Teach Your Children

Just because your kids are small doesn’t mean you get to postpone teaching them good values. It’s a necessary task to teach your young children to say please and thank you, to say excuse me and to be polite. Good manners are good to have, and the earlier a child learns them, the better. However, those are not the only values kids should learn at a young age. Here are a few things you need to teach your child by the age of five.


Kids need to learn honesty. To learn honesty, they need to hear about it and witness it. This means you need to be honest. For example, if you don’t want to do something for a friend and you tell her that you are sick and your child overhears, he will be confused. He will think that it’s okay to lie sometimes since mommy is doing it. You need to learn to be honest so that children learn the same trait.


Kids need to learn to make amends. Saying sorry is good, but it’s often an automatic response that kids say to get out of trouble. Instead, you should have your child apologize, identify why they behaved badly, and then offer amends some other way. For example, have your child help rebuild the tower she knocked over.


Kids need to learn to be considerate of other people’s feelings. This is something easy to teach as it should be something you do regularly. The next time your kids are arguing, tell them it upsets you. Ask them what they can do to stop arguing and then watch as they problem solve. Teaching them to be considerate of other people’s feelings is a great value to teach them. It will last throughout their lives and make them better people.


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