Three Things You Should Never Teach Your Children


There are a million and seven lists floating around telling you what to teach your children so that they live a fulfilling life. However, while most of these lists are pretty spot on, some of them forget an important factor. That factor is what you shouldn’t teach your kids. While they do need to know the importance of not talking to strangers and the proper way to use social media, you also need not to teach your children a few things in life.


Kids learn to judge from many sources, but you shouldn’t be one of them. You can teach your children not to judge simply by not judging others yourself. Even if you are secretly making judgments, don’t let your children know. Do them and you a favor and always give others the benefit of the doubt, allowing your children to reach their own conclusions. So your sister-in-law is horrid and self-centered and uncaring; your kids don’t need you to teach them to judge her this way. They’ll learn on their own. They’re smart.


Hatred is a wasted emotion. There’s no need to hate. No, you don’t have to like everything and everyone, but to hate means you’re placing too much importance on something insignificant, which is a waste of time and energy. Don’t use the word at home and your kids are less likely to learn to use it themselves.


Being honest is important and your kids need to learn that. What they don’t need to learn is how to be dishonest in the process. For example, when they hear you and your spouse in the front seat saying negative things about people who aren’t around and then see you acting like you adore them and everything about them when you’re together, it sends the wrong message. It sends the message that it’s okay to be dishonest about your feelings and opinions.


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