Three Secrets That Make a Mom’s Life Easier

Becoming a mom is a wonderful experience that many women look forward to. However, some new moms are a little hesitant to believe that they can do everything, and that they can do it well. Of course, we all make mistakes in the mommy department, but we learn from them and we don’t make the same mistake twice. However, there are a few little secrets that moms are happy to share with each other that make life just a little easier.

Raising a Healthy Eater

Your kids hate anything green and good for them. That’s not new. Kids would much rather have a cookie over a piece of broccoli any day (wouldn’t you?) but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to raise a healthy eater. The trick is to get kids involved. Children love to feel helpful and involved, so asking them to help you make dinner is a great idea; when they are the ones who help make the broccoli or stir the salad, they are more likely to want to eat their work.

Mistakes Happen – Get Over It

Of course you are going to feel terrible when you realize that you left your toddler’s favorite doll on a plane six states away. However, you can’t let that consume your life. Parents are not perfect. You are allowed to make mistakes. Learn from it and then get over it.

Don’t Forget Dad

When you are the primary parent, it’s hard to hand dad the reigns from time to time. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve had to remind myself more than once that just because I spend eight hours alone with my kids five days a week doesn’t make me a single parent. My husband is just as much their parent as I am, which means he gets to act like it, too.


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