Three Popular Parenting Styles not all Parents Agree With


Parenting is really not one of those things that people do very similarly. Sure, we tend to find people who do the same things as us when it comes to parenting, but there are so many different styles of parenting in the world it’s virtually impossible to name them all and put a definition to them. At the moment, however, it seems that there are a few very prevalent types of parenting styles going on. it seems, almost, as if these styles have become popular for now. But don’t let that worry you. By the time our kids have kids, the parenting styles that are popular now will have changed drastically and your own children will raise their grandchildren in a way you probably find utterly befuddling. Or maybe they’ll do the same things you did because of the wonderful example you set for them. Either way, we thought it might be fun to define a few of the current most popular parenting styles we see on a regular basis.

Helicopter Parents

This style of parenting is one that causes some concern for people. However, it works for others. These are parents that are on top of their kids all the time, from helping them walk up the steps of the slide, to the slide and down the slide. Their kids tend to have very little freedom and very little ability to do things for themselves.

Attachment Parenting

This style of parenting is either for your or it is not. There seems to be very little in between. These are parents that believe their kids should be attached to them at all times. They wear their babies all the time. They sleep with them, they do everything together. It works for some; it does not seem even remotely appealing to others.

Natural Parents

Sometimes referred to as crunchy parenting, this style is the one in which people feel that their kids make the rules and they believe that all things should be organic and very particular. It’s another style that is not for everyone. These parents are often the ones who make their own baby food, make their own cleaning products, they don’t vaccinate, they use cloth diapers, they let their kids make the rules and assume they will eventually put themselves on a schedule or on a routine, and it works for some. Again; it does not work for others.

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