The Way You Fight Affects Your Kids

No relationship is without its flaws, and that means couples fight. However, many couples are unaware that their preferred method of fighting and arguing has a direct effect on their children. Even if you love each other conditionally, the way you fight could turn your kids into emotionally needy, depressed adolescents, or healthy, happy kids. If you are violent, call names, scream, and give each other passive-aggressive silent treatments, your kids are more likely to become despondent and emotionally needy depressed adolescents. If you want to raise healthy, happy kids, you need to change your fighting methods now.

What Not to Do

Don’t yell. Don’t scream. Don’t call each other names. Don’t use offensive language. Don’t ignore each other and create a tense situation. Don’t slam doors. Young children who witness this behavior are far more likely to grow up into depressed children than those who are not subject to this type of behavior. Of course, you should know better than to behave in this manner in the first place.

Do Fight

It’s important that you do not stop arguing in front of your children. The key is to keep it clean. Kids need to see their parents argue in a healthy, constructive manner from time to time to learn some basic life lessons. The first lesson is that relationships are not at all perfect. The second is that they should always speak up with something is bothering them, and the third is that you can be angry with someone in a healthy, constructive manner.

Your kids need to see you fight to learn how to do it when they are adults. What they do not need to see is their parents fighting so badly that it affects them emotionally. Keep it clean and constructive and your kids will grow into happy, well-adjusted individuals who will make you proud.


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