The Little Ways Parents Ruin Their Kids

The irony of the fact that my tiny little iPod comes with a 300 page book of instructions and my children only came with a few pieces of paper detailing breastfeeding and temperatures never goes unnoticed by me. Kids simply do not come with instructions, which is unfortunate, considering how much work they are, and how confusing they can be. While we may not know exactly what to do all the time when it comes to our kids, we do know a few things we should never do. Here are a few surefire ways we ruin our kids.

Giving In

When our kids cry, scream, misbehave, or ask sweetly and we give them exactly what they want every single time, we are not doing them any favors. You are not teaching them about the value of money, or hard work, and you are turning them into spoiled brats.

No Discipline

Oftentimes, parents are scared their kids will hate them if they do not discipline them, which leads to a complete lack of discipline. This leads to children who misbehave throughout life, which is very problematic. Children need boundaries and they need rules. They also need them enforced regularly.

Always Taking Their Side

My mom is a teacher, and one of the things she hates the most is when a child in her class misbehaves and parents argue with her. Parents should not always assume their child is innocent in every single situation. Teachers, other parents, and other authority figures do not simply make up stories about how bad your kid is because they are jealous of their perfect angel behavior. If you believe your child can do no wrong, think again. Taking your kids’ side every time they are in trouble only leads them to believe there are no consequences for their poor behavior, and the problem will grow.


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