Teaching Kids to be Compassionate, Selfless and Grateful

It’s no big secret that kids today seem less compassionate, more selfish and less grateful than ever before. They feel entitled to everything and anything that they want, they seem to use their manners less than ever and they seem to need a reminder that hard work and appreciation are important. Of course, not all children are like this but it does seem like more than ever before these character traits are present in place of things such as compassion, selflessness and gratefulness. As parents, these are three very important things we need to remember to teach our kids.


When it comes to compassion, our kids need to know how to show it. Whether their compassion comes from caring about things around them, their families or even just taking the time to get to know others and treat them with kindness, compassion is important. It is a character trait that will help others accept your children, it will help them go further in life and it plays a big role in their own personal success stories.


Sure, we all want things for ourselves. We all want a nice home, good food and to travel the world, but that doesn’t make us selfish. What makes people selfish is their lack of understanding that their feelings and their opinions are not the most important ones on the planet. Kids need to understand that being selfless is far better than being selfish, and that what they put out there is what they will get back.


Something I notice a lot is the fact that kids seem so ungrateful for the things they have. In fact, I sometimes have to remind my four-year-old to be grateful she has so much. She thinks nothing of telling me her new twinkle-toe shoes are dirty and she needs a new pair, or telling me that she wants to wear a black hello kitty shirt tomorrow so we have to go buy her a new one. I have to remind her that she does not simply get things because she wants them, and she should be grateful for all that she has and all the good fortunate she is growing up with.


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